Curb Skateshop presents: The Curb Experience!

Curb is more than just a skateshop. Our vision is to give everyone the chance to explore skateboarding. That makes it our everyday mission to help you do so. Together we push through our beautiful skate city that is Ghent.
Featuring: Kamiel De Vos, Sid Verbiest, Matteo Bck, Storm Wens & Mohamed Saouti
Direction: Guillaume Clincke
Film & Edit: Ruben "Woeby" Vermeulen


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In a league of their own. The Curb FC playing to win the World Cup League 2022 with the best strikers & defenders of the world.
Featuring: Luca Van Driessch, Isaac Bruggeman, Ward Depuydt, Basil Cnudde, Elias Corynen, Mohamed Saouti, Jonas Aspeslagh, Mauro Creytens & Saymour Lincoln
Voice Over: Arthur "Joeri" Bultynck & Vincenzo "Evert" Colameo
Film & Edit: Ruben "Woeby" Vermeulen


Curb Skateshop proudly presents: The Curb Video!

FEATURING (in order of appearance)Mohamed Saouti, Guillaume Clincke, Luca Van Driessch, Nick Steenbeke, Arne Vogel, Basil Cnudde, Jonas Aspeslagh, Daniel Gussenko, Janek Blansaer, August Vernimmen, Lander Logghe, Florian Van Impe, Xander De Vlieger, Bert Standaert, Senne Roels, Mauro Creytens, Ward Depuydt, Ruben Vermeulen, Arthur Bultynck, Laurens Willems, Jonathan Franc, Sloan Laurits, Chris Chann, Sewa Kroetkov, Jonathan Vlerick, Kevin Tshala, Kevin Vu, Siebert Glele, Victor Vanpuyvelde, Vincenzo Colameo


The Curb team hits the streets all around Belgium.

Featuring: Victor Vanpuyvelde, Florian Van Impe, Ruben Vermeulen, Luca Van Driessch, Jonas Aspeslagh, Basil Cnudde, Bert Standaert, Wilson Withof, Janek Blansaer, Mohamed Saouti, August Vernimmen, Ward Depuydt, Vincenzo Colameo, Mauro Creytens, Pauwel Degreef, Xander De Vlieger, Arne Vogel & Guillaume Clincke. Filmed by: Ruben Vermeulen, Mohamed Saouti, Philippe Mottet, Rob De Clercq, Louis Meeus, Victor Vanpyvelde Edit by: Ruben Vermeulen Music: She Past Away - Ritual


Curb skateshop goes worldwide!
The Curb team hits the streets in Spain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark & The USA.

Featuring: Senne Roels, Mauro Creytens, Luca Van Driessch, Mohamed Saouti, Victor Vanpuyvelde, Nick Steenbeke, Arne Vogel, Bert Standaert, Isaac Bruggeman, Guillaume Clincke, Ward Depuydt, Ruben Vermeulen & Chris Chann.
Filmed by: Ruben Vermeulen, Mohamed Saouti, Victor Vanpuyvelde, Mauro Creytens, Luca Van Driessch & Guillaume Clincke.
Edit by: Ruben Vermeulen
Music: Inner Circle - Sweat

S.M.A.R.T. Board

Curb skateshop introduces: S.M.A.R.T. Skateboard Deck Skateboarding made simple.

Tired of practising your skateboard tricks? We've got you covered! Download tricks from our website & upload to your S.M.A.R.T. board. Install the S.M.A.R.T. app and choose the requested trick.
Landing bolts all day everyday. No primo's guaranteed.
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The long lost 2 JUICED video is finally here. Filmed between 2016 - 2019

Featuring: Ruben Vermeulen, Luca Van Driessch, Guillaume Clincke, Mohamed Saouti, Patricio Valdes, Bert Standaert, Xander de Vlieger, Vincenzo Colameo and Victor Vanpuyvelde.
Filmed by: Mohamed Saouti & Ruben Vermeulen
Additional filming: Geoffrey Van Hove, Rob De Clercq, Bart Flour, Andres Vandepitte, Victor Vanpuyvelde
Edit: Ruben Vermeulen
Music: Sniff 'n' The Tears - Driver's Seat


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How to get ready for a skate date? Curb team rider Ward Depuydt shows you how in style!

Ward and his date cruise through the city of Ghent while hitting some spots and having a romantic time.
Want a date just like Ward? Ward's outfit:

Much love from the Curb Team!


And the winner is...

It's official. Here's your winner for the 2nd Flip Don't Trip contest. Taking home €500 cash. Thanks to everyone who voted! See you next edition. Sponsors: DC Skateboarding, Theeve Trucks, Hopps Skateboards, Zehma Official